My Device Tracker
Anti Theft Software
Great Security Features
 Exact Wi-Fi position
 Single Click Remote Activation to track.
 Retrieve/Delete data instantly.
 Image capture through web camera,  integrated with Flickr and ImageShack.
 Remote System Lock.
 Regular alerts in your inbox.
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Laptop Tracking Software
Arm your Windows Laptop with My Laptop Tracker software. Spot down the location within 10 meters and even view the thief's picture courtesy the photo-capture feature. Retrieve your data remotely as well as you can lock your system from web portal.

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Iphone Tracking Software

Keep your Iphone safe with My Iphone Tracker software. Whether your Iphone is lost or stolen, you can recover it. The application uses GPS and WIFI signals to pinpoint the phone’s location.

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USB Tracking Software

Keep your USB device secure with advanced My USB Tracker features. Track down your USB device as well as get your precious data remotely within seconds. Get regular alerts direct in your inbox with captured thief's images.

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Mac Tracking Software

Keep your Mac OS X System secure with advanced MyMacTracker features. You can remotely track down your Mac OS X System, erase data.

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  Why buy My Device Tracker?
Well, for one thing you will sleep easy
at night.
  Get quicker access to all of your stuff without any worry. Get the exact location of your
device directly in your inbox.
  Retrieve all your precious data instantly from My Device Tracker web portal.
  My Device Tracker is a powerful software and can send you the captured images of thief .
  Easy to Use software saves your data as well
as your valuable devices.
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Installing My Laptop Tracker was the best thing I ever did!
Thanks to your great software I actually recovered my new Dell Laptop which was stolen at a mall. I managed to retrieve all my sensitive data as soon as I realized the laptop was stolen. I received all the location details which I promptly handed to the police. I got my laptop back the very next day!
Irvine Willis
Protect your portable devices from theft
using tags which add deterrence
Economical and easy labeling of your device
by adding solid metallic tags
Tags personalized with your company
information make identification of lost
equipment easier
Prevent your devices from resale in the
market by using irreplaceable, permanent
metal sticker. More Features
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