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What if your iPhone or iPod touch was lost or stolen?
Of course the damage isn’t just the replacement cost: it’s personal. You use it—depend on it—to connect you to your world and to the whole world. Losing it to a thief, or just losing it, is unthinkable.

The good news: we help you find it or even get it back.

My iPhoneTrackerTM is an app that helps you track your iPhone or iPod. If your device is lost or stolen, you simply log in to a web page where you can view a tracking report.

Tracker uses location-based services in the phone itself to tell you where it is. When this application is triggered from the iPhone, the location of the device and network data is sent to the iPhone app server. And from there to you.
Theft tracking
If a user clicks on a specific icon on the iPhone, the application passes network and location data to the My iPhone server. You can log into the My iPhone control panel to view details on the location of the device.

Send a message to thief
User can also send push notification messages to the stolen device remotely. The thief clicks on the View button of the push notification and the device location will be stored on the My iPhone server.
My iPhone TrackerTM
My iPhone TrackerTM may charge for future builds of the application (there are more features that we are working on.) But we’re not ready for that now. So, as we said above, the cost of the application is Free.
Simple registration
The registration process is simple.
Map location of thief
My iPhone control panel on the My iPhone server allows user to view the map location of the thief.

I.P address of internet provider
My iPhone control panel on the My iPhone server provides the I.P address.
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