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 Exact Wi-Fi position
 Single Click Remote Activation to track.
 Retrieve/Delete data instantly.
 Image capture through web camera,  integrated with Flickr and ImageShack.
 Remote System Lock.
 Regular alerts in your inbox.
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ENDS September 21, 2018
We provide 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our software. In case you face any using while using software, you can contact our dedicated customer support team. In case you find a anti theft software that performs better than My Device Tracker, please send us bill details of the that software. We will refund the complete amount you paid for My Device Tracker - no questions asked!
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Mr. Mark Zoli
lemo Technologies
"With MyDeviceTracker we have been able to detect stolen equipment, both inside and outside the California state…”
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The Workings of a Laptop Tracker

With advancement in technology, there has been an increase in the number of gadgets people now own. And so is the increase in the thefts of these gadgets. Therefore, there is a need of My Device Tracker Laptop Tracking Software to secure your devices from getting stolen or lost. My Laptop Tracker is a powerful tracking software that traces your stolen or lost laptops within a few minutes. If a laptop is stolen, you do not only lose your gadget but the important information stored in it is lost too. With this software, you can retrieve your laptop and the data as well.

How does My Laptop Tracker work?

  • It comes with an easy-to-install application, and you are required to create your account with user name and password and then install it.
  • It resides in your laptop and runs on stealth mode. There is no entry in the start menu or desktop and the thief never discovers that he or she is being traced.
  • When your laptop gets stolen, you need to log into your account from another system and click on 'Start Tracking' button to locate stolen laptop.
  • As soon as you do that, you will start getting alerts of your laptop's location in your inbox.
  • This happens due to the IP based positioning feature of the laptop tracker. It is through this feature that you come to know the location of your laptop and the thief too.
  • With the web-cam image-capture and Flickr Integration feature, the tracking software capture the image of the thief and uploads it to your account. This way you will come to know not only the exact location of your laptop but the thief's image too.

Features of My Laptop Tracker

The software is integrated with Windows security's Tamper Proof and Privacy Secure feature. The thief will not be able to disable the software through any means. This laptop tracker removes all the saved passwords in your web browser to ensure that nobody can get hold of them. This means that thief cannot access your personal email accounts or other accounts. The best feature of this software is that you can use it to block your system to avoid misuse. Once your system is blocked, the thief will not be able to perform any function on your laptop. Besides, you will get regular alerts in your email inbox about the location of your laptop, and you will be able to retrieve it soon.
Login to your MyLaptopTracker account and start the tracking by clicking the Track button
Next time your Windows laptop connects to the Internet, tracking gets activated and with the help of IP based positioning and web camera integration the software sends emails about the network environment, laptop location and images of the user to your Flickr, Imageshack and email accounts.
With specific data like location and the thief's images you can easily recover your stolen laptop.

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